Christopher Cash is a veteran San Diego singer/songwriter with plenty of recording and engineering under his belt. Cash started recording in high school and first became involved in commercial recording studios in the late 70’s when he and a partner opened an professional facility in Alhambra, CA called Roaring Silence Sound. After numerous upgrades the studio disbanded and Cash regrouped creating an impressive home studio. Technologies came and went with Cash getting involved in 16 track analog tape projects and the ubiquitous ADAT projects.

As a long time computer professional, Cash quickly embraced the DAW world working with Cubase, Logic and Protools. Cash has spent time (and money) in many studios, from Indigo Ranch in Malibu working with producer Richard Kaplan, to Trackstar, Berkley Sound, Exum, and more in the San Diego and surrounding areas.

Releasing two albums of original material (Hollywood Mirage and Invisible) gave him first hand experience with indie production. He collected more and more recording gear filling up nearly every room in his home.

In Spring of 2013 Cash relocated to Fallbrook, CA and began the task of building a dream studio. Sonic-Rocket is now ready for action and no one could be more excited.


Shea Thompson is the chief engineer and audio wizard at Sonic-Rocket.  Shea brings a wide range of skills to our staff. He will working as both an engineer and producer responsible for booking and artist development.  Shea's  past experience includes in studio work at Spooky Cat Studio, Pinstripe Studio and Soapbox Multimedia.  He is a gifted sound designer and experienced computer technician.  Shea's background includes an Associates Degree & Certificate of Achievement in Recording Arts from Mira Costa College.


Kevin Spencer is a skilled videographer and marketing professional. He's worked with local groups such as the Fallbrook Skate Park board, and local musicians. Kevin is a senior customer account manager for a major software company by day, and a musician, recording engineer, and multimedia technologist by night.